The GEA Solution

"Knowledge Is Power."

In today's digital world, an Author has options when it comes to the publishing and distribution of their books. These basic options are:

1. Traditional Press (TP) an old-line publisher fronts all funds to get a book published and owns the copyright and most of the proceeds from book sales. The publisher takes all the risk and an author receives a small royalty on sales.

2. Self-Publishing Printing (SP) an author assumes responsibility for the entire publishing project including manufacturing, production, distribution, marketing, warehousing, and shipping orders. The author owns the copyright, but does all the work, pays all costs and takes all the risk.

3. Print-On-Demand(POD) an author contracts with a publishing entity with access to a new print-on-demand technology that allows for a press run of one to 100 or more books and eliminates the need for warehousing. In such case the author pays all the up front charges with a chance of getting more of the book proceeds; however, this does not normally work to the advantage of the author. The author owns the copyright, but pays all the up front costs and takes all of the risk.

4. BOOKS ON DEMAND and the Author/Publisher Partnership is the GEA-Books way.

The GEA APP - Author Publisher Partnership

GlobalEdAdvancePress (GEA) is an advanced publishing concept where The Publisher partners with The Author to prepare, publish and distribute products that meet The Publisher's quality standards.

The GEA-APP Author Publisher Partnership is designed to put more money in the author's pocket.

Our concept combines Options #'s 1, and 3 listed above into an innovative variation of "Book-on-Demand".

First, this concept allows books to be printed one-at-a-time as they are ordered by wholesalers, booksellers, publishers, and authors; thus avoiding the large, expensive inventories of traditional publishers.

Second, GEA's APP is what it says, an Author-Publisher-Partnership. Both the Author and Publisher share in the up-front costs of production, and in turn, Author and Publisher share in the proceeds. However, in addition to the standard royalties garnered through our network of 30,000 booksellers and digital distribution outlets, in 100 countries, a GEA author is capable of earning even more per book by purchasing their own works through Global GEA-Books at a 60% discount and selling their product at full retail price (or the author's discretion).

Books on Demand system allows GlobalEdAdvance Press a variety of printing and distribution venues. Global prints primarily in the US and UK, but also in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, plus GEA books are on the Espresso Book Machine in many countries. Global offers academic and serious writers several divisions and logo options: in addition to the GlobalEd logo, there are logos for Post-Gutenberg Books, GreenWine Family Books, Children's Novellas, Marriage & Family Books, CoffeeTable Books, Faction for fact- based novels, and the newest addition Clergy Collection Preserving the Best of the Past. More data on this options available with the submission of a manuscript.

Through Global's exceptional Author-Publisher-Partnership plan, authors receive individual attention from concept to completion. Authors submit manuscripts to the Editorial/Production Division (via email), a mailed CD, or a reprint hardcopy (for scanning), and prepares them for printing one-at-a-time as books are ordered by wholesalers, booksellers, publishers, and authors. This Book on Demand printing allows both the publisher and author the ability to avoid the costs of inventory, keep more titles in print, and have others handle the order processing and shipping. Global printing in various places around the world eliminates part of shipping and duty costs for overseas delivery.

Global Educational Advance, Inc

Global Educational Advance, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation in Tennessee working to bring transformative and constructive change to communities through various programming for development and continued support for practical education to benefit the young and the disadvantaged. Global Educational Advance, Inc. operates in Tennessee but has a global vision assisting community-based groups, NGOs, faith-based groups, and higher education with programs, projects, and services: developing curriculum, textbooks, library and learning resources, and funding. Presently Global offers community groups creative programs that produce constructive change in individuals, families, and community organizations. Some of Global's structured community programs are listed in detail about each of the programs on our NONPROFIT section.