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Galilee Wanderings
Galilee Wanderings: 39 years assigned to the Holy Land
by Ray Register

Tourists spend several days glimpsing people and places around Galilee. Dr. Ray Register lived 39 years interacting with persons of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths from Haifa to Nazareth to Jerusalem to Bethlehem. Prepared with excellent academic training the author knew the history of the land and its peoples and the great religious traditions. The reader gets a sense of the personalities, the cultures, the history, and politics of the whole area. As a missionary, he had the heart for both tender and tough love in the critical issues of war and peace, of persons accepting the Christian message and of denying it, of the complexities of politics and religion, and of the sacrifices a convert to Christ had to make. Ray and Rose Mary raised three children in the land of deep memories of Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad. As you read Galilee Wanderings, you will follow the steps of a missionary who traveled every nook and cranny of the land and observed acts of war and deeds of peace and lived alongside those who courageously followed Christ. Galilee Wanderings is a personal story of contrasts; North and South, East, and West, good and evil, war and peace, success and failure, beauty and ugliness, conservatism and liberalism, blessings and curses, monotheism and Trinity. It is experiences of mystery and revelation, of how God took a boy conceived out of wedlock and made him a man in the Holy Land. Raised by a Yankee mother of rich ancestry and a macho southern father who was a Scout Master and problem drinker all at the same time, Ray's story is of God's discipline and grace during his Galilee Wanderings.

ISBN: 978-1-950839-18-6

The Evergreen Devotional: Complete New Testament
Dialogue and Interface Witness with Muslims
by Ray Register, MDiv, DMin

At last, a book that attempts to understand and overcome the difficulties that block communication with Muslims with guidelines for sharing faith in dialogue rather than monologue. It faces squarely the thorny questions of the Cross, the Son of God, the Gospel of Barnabas, and Intermarriage with Muslims, plus many others. This book shares the common ground needed to overcome the communications barrier with Muslims. A must for missionaries, international student workers, teachers of religion, and all who desire to share their faith with Muslim friends.

*Arabic publication in process

ISBN: 978-0-9796019-9-6


The Evergreen Devotional: Complete New Testament
Remedial and Surrogate Parenting:
A Resource for Parents, Teachers, and Childcare Services

by Hollis L. Green

This book is a suitable syllabus for Human Development: The Early Years (Birth to Twenty) -- A study of physical, emotional, cognitive, social, moral/spiritual, and personality factors as they influence development through the life cycle stages (Birth to Twenty) in Family Life Education courses that require NCFR Criteria #3. Just like footprints, each child is different and age-specific care is required. Dr. Green's effort is to assure a positive and professional attitude among parents and others in child care, to provide sufficient knowledge of remedial development, and to provide basic guidance as to personal and professional behavior necessary to make parenting work in the home and with needy children in the custodial arena. It can be both a study and a reference guide for parents and personnel working in children's homes, and foster parents who pick up the slack in society when custodial care is not sufficient or government agencies are slow to respond to the needs of children.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-48-1

The Evergreen Devotional: Complete New Testament
Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
by Dennis Ingolfsland

There was once a TV show called, "To Tell the Truth." It was a game show in which a panel of four celebrities was given the name and unusual occupation of one of three contestants. The panel had to ask the contestants questions in an attempt to determine which contestant performed the unusual occupation. At the end of the show the host would ask, "Will the real [contestant name] please stand up?" Considering all the different views of Jesus presented in books, magazines and movies today, people today might feel like asking, "Will the real Jesus please stand up?"

Dance with the Trinity: Pursuing God in Spirit and Truth
Dance with the Trinity: Pursuing God in Spirit and Truth
by Dr. Rye Bell

Knowing God is simple yet profound. Refusing to sidestep difficult issues, the author guides through scriptural direction and insightful narrative to find that place of intimacy he calls "The Dance". A motivator and a study guide, this book on relationships with God and fellow human beings will open the reader's mind to the reality of dancing with the Trinity.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-06-1

The Evergreen Devotional: Complete New Testament
The Evergreen Devotional: Complete New Testament
by Hollis L. Green

The New Testament is designed to guide our relationship with God and behavior toward others. This completed edition is the result of 42 years of labor translating NT Greek into a common devotional language. It is a candid rendering in chronologic order by books, in 5 sections. This text is true to the original language, but easy to read and understand.

Scripture means exactly what the first person who heard it understood it to mean; not what culture, tradition, or translators interpret the words to mean.

Getting a sense of the original intent provides an improved devotional understanding of the inspired text and will enable believers to remain Evergreen with daily renewal.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-26-9

The Threshold of Paradise
The Threshold of Paradise
by Joshua Collins

The ancient east meets the present west in a deathly enclosure that leads to an ending the reader will not anticipate. Amid suspicions of infidelity, self-incriminating communications and a mysterious third-party, an ordinary couple discovers the extraordinary history of marriage at its very origin. Experience an all-too-common scenario that finds itself in a completely uncommon situation, a predicament that interlaces doubt with hope.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-59-7