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Books by Category/Subject


Clothed In White
Galilee Wanderings
Recycled Words 'N Stuff
So Tales
The Land My Childhood Knew

Bible Study/Devotional Life

The Evergreen Devotional New Testament (EDNT)
I Pledge Allegiance to The King
The Least of the Apostles
The Pursuit of Integrity
First Day Devotions

Business and Philanthropy

The Anapausis Partnership
Thinking Outside the Frame

Childcare and Human Development

Mentoring Troubled Youth
Remedial and Surrogate Parenting: A Resource for Parents, Teachers, and Childcare Services

Reading to Children

Bedtime Adventures of Theodore Ted
Brutus ' The Quickest Swiss in the West
I Am A Manger
Playtime Adventures of Theodore Ted
Sleepy Town


Damned If We Are Not Forgiven

Critical Care Issues

Thinking Outside the Box... About Love

Critical Thinking

Cherished Gemstones From History
Have You Lost Your Mind?
Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

A Psycho-Theological Exploration of New Testament Concepts

Discipleship/Christian Living

Dance With The Trinity
Discipleship: A Vital Aspect of Christian Living
God's Work Done God's Way
Living A Life Larger Than Yourself
Navigating The Challenges of Faith-Based Behavior
The Wrong Skirt: The Quest to Avoid Bad Choices
The Faith of Christ Jesus: Lost On Planet Earth
What If Jesus Remained In The Tomb?


Transformational Leadership In Education

Evangelism and Faith-based Development

Back to Jerusalem: Church Planting Movements in the Holy Land
Is There Really Life After Death?
Tear Down These Walls
Titanic Lessons
Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
Why Christianity Fails In America
Why Churches Die
Why Wait Till Sunday?

Foreign/Overseas Adventure

Kenya: A Priority On My Bucket List
Postmodern Japanology Handbook
Three Weeks In Africa

Leadership and Management

Faith-Based Leadership and Management
Sympathetic Leadership Cybernetics

Legal Issues

Competency To Stand Trial

Marriage Relationships/Family Life

How To Build A Better Spouse Trap

Multicultural Issues

Dialogue and Interface Witness With Muslims
Discipling Middle Eastern Believers


Between Iraq and Hard Places
The Con
The Threshold of Paradise


All The World Is Anime
Philosophy and Philosophers: Great Thinkers And The Way They Think


Dreaming In Verse
Of Love And Loneliness: The Recorded Thoughts of Alden

Research Design and Methodology

Designing Valid Research

Religious Discourse

Absolutely Sixteen Feet
Just Came By To Tell You...


Ageing Has A Silver Lining
Effective Strategy Against Temper Rage And Wrath
Recovery: A Return To The Self
Walking With Miss Kay

Social Integration/Heritage

The Black Church Heritage

Spiritual Warfare

Fighting The Amalekites* Second Edition
Land of Rising Ghosts & Goblins
Shinto War Gods

Study and Writing Skills

Interpreting An Author's Words

Theological Issues

Did God Plant The Forbidden Tree?
God and the Sexual Metaphor
The Knowledge of Good and Evil Definitive Edition: A Study of the Fall of Man
The Faith Dynamic: A Treatise on Creationism and Evolutionary Theory
Genesis: The Explanation What Really Happened "In the Beginning"

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