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The Con

by Gael McCarte

Forensic psychologist Anna Lennox uncovers a smoking gun of criminality and politics graft in the Western Australia's Ministry of Prisons and Corrections.

ISBN: 978-0-935434-53-5


Book Reviews

“I enjoyed the fact that it was located in Western Australia and could therefore identify with the places mentioned and also the local idiom…Must admit, the ending surprised me. Just goes to prove that the leopards spots are hard to change and all is not necessarily as it may seem to think of a couple of old adages.”
Real Estate professional in Perth, Western Australia

“There are so many  layers, so much to wonder about, clever - it brought laughter and tears…indeed I was surprised by the ending.  When is the sequel?"
KP, professional therapist and seminar speaker, USA

“Finished your book yesterday, it was great! I cried during the bombing portion, the balloon was precious. The ending was unexpected. Good job, I look forward to reading more of your work!” 
CV, retired government worker, Olympia, Washington

“BIG Congratulations on your book!... I have just finished reading it!...It really got me in and I just had to keep reading till finished…Well done and do let me know if there is another one in the pipe line!!!”
MB, education specialist in Perth, Australia.
“A good strong plot, and unexpected ending”
ON, editor, Queensland Australia

“You got me, I did not see that ending coming” 
JN, Washington State