The Founder of GlobalED Advance Press

Hollis L. Green Hollis L. Green, ThD, PhD, is a Clergy-Educator with public relations and business credentials and doctorates in theology, education, and philosophy. A Distinguished Professor of Education and Social Change at the graduate level for over three decades, Dr. Green is a Diplomate in the Oxford Society of Scholars, and author of 40+ books and numerous articles. He served six years as a member of the U.S. Senate Business Advisory Board and with certified membership in several public relations societies (RPRC, PRSA, and IPRC). He served pastorates in five states, was a denominational official for 18 years, and traveled in ministry and lectured in over 100 countries.

Dr. Green was the founder of Associated Institutional Developers (AID) Ltd., (1974) an international Public Relations and Corporate Consultant Company. He was Vice-President of Luther Rice Seminary (1974-1979), and became the founding President (1981) and Chancellor (1991-2008) of Oxford Graduate School,(; As part of a global outreach, Dr Green founded OASIS UNIVERSITY (2002) in Trinidad, W.I. where he continues to lecture and teach and assist the administration as Chancellor. In 2004, he assisted in establishing Greenleaf Global Educational Foundation in Colorado to advance issues related to the current needs of society.

In addition to his other endeavors, Dr. Green launched GlobalEd Advance Press (2007) to advance higher education and social change through publishing, curriculum development, instruction, library/learning resources, and global book distribution with 30,000 distributors in 100 countries to advance social change. His books and assisting authors in publishing are a logical outgrowth of a fifty-year ministry through education. He serves the Author Publisher Partnership PRESS as Corporate Chair and Co-publisher with his son, Barton. Dr. Green continues to travel, speak, teach, write books and work with authors in publishing.