Espresso Book Machine

The latest addition to GEA-Books distribution model is the opportunity to participate in the new process called the Espresso Book Machine, an innovative ATM for books located in bookstores, libraries, supermarkets, etc. This 21st Century distribution channel will open many publisher-to-market pathways. In mere minutes, a digital Global book can be selected, purchase with credit card, printed on-site, and perfect-bound in library-quality paperback form. Finally, the finished book will slide out of the machine as easily as a selected can of soda.

Presently the Espresso Book Machine operates in the USA, UK, and Australia and accepts USD, UKP, EUROS, and Australian funds. This speedy process will avoid fees and shipping costs internationally. The compact size of the Espresso Book Machine 2.0 (3.8 feet wide by 2.7 feet deep by 4.5 feet high) dramatically expands the opportunity to place machines in a variety of retail environments worldwide. More sites mean more opportunities for selling your books. As Expresso expands to other countries, GEA-Books will be part of the expansion.

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