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Subesh Ramjattan

Subesh Ramjattan

Subesh Ramjattan is a remarkable man who is hungry for knowledge and reaches for every kernel of truth he can find from any source. His life journey began in a poor village learning common-sense lessons from his family and the village environment. He proceeded to learn more in school and as a young man working hard to gather both the knowledge and the resources needed to start his own business. He listens to anyone who speaks and reads everything in sight. Subesh remembers almost everything good he hears, sees, or learns from any source. He is unselfish in giving resources for projects for the disadvantaged and constantly demonstrates his concern for faith-based operations and the individual believers who take an active role in faith-based groups.

Subesh is a serious student of all subjects that touch his life, business and spiritual commitment. When he discovers the interrelationship of concepts and constructs, he desires to share them with others. This interest has resulted in a business and spiritual journey that has increased the quality of life for many. His first book, The Anapausis Partnership, co-authored with his wife, Debra, catalogued much of the business and spiritual journey that established a model of philanthropy, mentoring, and coaching to improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged of Trinidad and Tobago. The documentation of this process produced the awarding of a Doctor of Humane Letters (DHL) by OASIS University's Institute of Higher Learning.

?Dr. Ramjattan's second book, God's Work Done God's Way, reveals more of his character and passion for believers and the disadvantaged. His third book, Living a Life Larger than Yourself, speaks to the quality of life he desires for all of God's children from the cradle to the grave. This book, Navigating the Challenges of Faith-based Behavior, is a sincere effort to reach family, friends and colleagues with the values and lifestyle that reflects the impact of God in life and living. Perhaps the most meaningful aspect of the life of Subesh and Debra Ramjattan, is that they give all the credit to God for their blessings and their ability to bless others.

?Dr. Ramjattan's years of service were recognized by several international organizations:

The International Third World Leaders Association awarded him the KINGDOM STATESMAN AWARD for 2011. This award was given for leadership which demonstrated maturity, quality and character as a Statesman and more than 30-years of distinguished service. ?

HUMANeX VENTURES honored him as a COMMUNITY EXEMPLAR in 2013. A Community Exemplar is highlighted by a life of significant impact, multiplied through thousands of those that they impact directly and indirectly, in ways that will live beyond the present and be felt, modeled, and multiplied for many, many years---a rich legacy for generations. According to HUMANeX VENTURES those who receive this award are:

• Craftsmen of their trade

• Passionate to teach and lead

• Motivators

• Role models of Excellence

• Innovators

• Creators of meaning their lives and the lives of others

• Dream makers

• Catalysts in making a difference

• Developers of talent and potential

• Listeners

• High achievers that impact the lives of any

• Multipliers

• Activators of change

• Educators

• Masters with a purpose

• Influencers

• Doers and Dreamers

• Impact and Legacy Builders

Global Educational Advance, Inc. admitted Dr. Ramjattan with all rights and privileges to the ORDER OF MEPHIBOSHETH on July 27, 2013, recognizing his understanding that each child is different and honoring his faithful following of faith-based principles and unselfish investing of resources and energy to build bridges of hope and care for disadvantaged children.

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The Anapausis Partnership
The Anapausis Partnership
by Subesh Ramjattan

Explore the true story of two individuals who found each other amid their God-inspired mission to assist their homeland of Trinidad and Tobago. It is a narrative of love and work, faith and worship, sacrament and service, stewardship and charity, teamwork and faithfulness. The pages are filled with commonsense lessons that are later sanctified into faith-based principles and used to advance many projects for the benefit of their homeland.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-49-8


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God?s Work Done God?s Way: You Don?t Have to Make Headlines to Make a Difference
God's Work Done God's Way:
You Don't Have to Make Headlines to Make a Difference

by Subesh Ramjattan

Some see Jesus as a "vending machine." But the author shows not only the blessings Jesus offers believers; but the obligations believers have toward Jesus to live a life with purpose and significance; a life that is large for God. This book presents a lifestyle that cares for the disadvantaged and meets the challenge to make disciples.

God did not save us to be comfortable; He did so that we might comfort others. Quality thoughts and values come from a better quality of believing and behaving. It is not what we gather, but what we scatter that tells the quality of life we live.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-60-3


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Living A Life Larger Than Yourself
Living A Life Larger Than Yourself
by Subesh Ramjattan

The word "happiness" as it is used today it relies on the little word "hap" which means "good luck or by chance." Happenstance does not create a quality of life. Only purposeful behavior that is more than activities can bring the deep satisfaction of "happiness." Quality of life should not be confused with the standard of living, which is primarily income. The term "quality of life", as revealed in this book, is our positive intervention in the lives of the less fortunate.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-62-7


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Living A Life Larger Than Yourself
Navigating the Challenges of Faith-based Behavior:
Conduct that Exhibits a Moral Course in Life

by Subesh Ramjattan

A faith-based lifestyle determines both the course of action, the destination of the journey and provides a standard of behavior. Lifestyle provides intentionality of conduct and enables one to behave in a planned and deliberate way. The wise man Solomon was concerned about an empty life without permanent value that leads to frustration. He wrote, Pursue your course but know that God will judge your behavior. (Ecclesiastes 11.9 DOT) The value of a charted course relates to both the terminal objective and the time one has to travel toward stated goals. The design of this book illustrates in a nautical/sailing ship framework that there is a difference between believe and behave.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-64-1


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