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Community and Family Education

C.A.F.E. - nourishment for mind, soul, and body

"Be eager to present yourself approved to God, a workman unashamed, cutting straight the word of truth."

(2 Timothy 2:15 EDNT)

C.A.F.E. is designed as nourishment for mind, soul, and body. The C.A.F.E. logo represents the integration of Biblical Study with growth and development classes within the church (the white square). The larger white square represents the community with C.A.F.E. reaching outside the four walls. The large black square represents the world in which the church exists as a faith-based entity. Sunday school and youth training have suffered significant decline in recent decades, it is time for a new approach to community and family education. C.A.F.E is a 3-year program sponsored by a faith-based group to teach practical ministry, community service and basic New Testament content in an informal setting. C.A.F.E may be used to replace the youth and adult aspects of education by faith-based groups to better reach families and the community. (Interested: send email to

Global provides a three-year curriculum structured to prepare young people for volunteerism and Community Service with non-profits, NGO's and/or faith-based groups who work with children, at-risk-youth, and dysfunctional families. C.A.F.E. is taught by local leaders.

C.A.F.E. Study Tracks

[I] Bible Study Track: C.A.F.E. Bible Study
Using The EVERGREEN Devotional New Testament

[II] Class Track: C.A.F.E. Classes
Using various textbooks

Enrollment and Classes

Sunday school and youth training have suffered significant decline in recent decades, it is time for a new approach to community and family education is a 3-year program sponsored by a faith-based group to teach practical ministry, community service and basic New Testament content in an informal setting. It can be used to replace the youth and adult aspects of education by faith-based groups to better reach families and the community. Students will enroll one year/or one term at a time and renew the enrollment based on interest and participation. Certificates of completion will be issued each year for those completing three Terms with a Qualification Diploma after three years. is designed to families in the community and develop leadership for the local church, strengthen families, and equip believers for faith-based lifestyle service in the community. Although classes will be a 'colloquy' a discussion rather than a taught class, student participation is the objective. Students are enrolled and pay a small fee for books [new community people may receive a 'scholarship' for the first term. Those enrolled are assigned to read a section of a book or a passage of sacred scripture before coming to class and be an informed participant in class discussion. Each class a leader to guide the discussion relative to the assigned reading. This is an active, participatory and integrated approach to education where all students feel they are part of the class and have a contribution. This is a significant step in the learning process. Also, research has shown that when individuals are "enrolled" they are more apt to attend class. When they pay a small fee for textbooks, etc. this improves participation.

C.A.F.E Atmosphere

C.A.F.E. is structured to be held in an informal setting; such as, a dining hall, or classroom arranged with tables. The first 15-minutes of class, students should be allowed to have fellowship and quietly eat a snack or drink to create the C.A.F.E. atmosphere. This will accommodate those coming directly from work or those that miss a meal to participate. This informal setting should not be permitted to hinder the class discussion period. The leader should moderate an informal conversation based on the assigned reading. Questions and comments on the assigned reading should be welcome and encouraged from all students. Discussion should be limited to the assigned reading or questions for clarification about material already covered. The leader should make a brief summary of the discussion at the close of the class and remind students of the next reading assignment and scheduled class.

Community and Family Education

Many children and young people are at-risk during the summer vacation from school. With no structured guidance or constructive involvement they get into trouble that often affects the rest of their lives. C.A.F.E can occupy children and young people during summer vacation from school. It can then be extended to an annual program that has many of the same benefits as the YMCA, Scouts, and Boys and Girls Clubs. Try it for a summer and keep it all year long as an after-school or week-end program. Request full data from

Pray for Pedro

"Pray For Pedro"

Local Prayer Development Plan

This project is designed to provide each person who is willing to pray for others, a special person to intercede for them for a designated period. It operates on the Golden Rule for prayer: ?Pray for others as you want them to pray for you. Normally, the pastor arranges for each PEDRO to report to the group at a special evening meeting the person for whom they have been praying. This is usually scheduled in about 30 days after the first drawing on a Sunday or Week evening. The next time the group draws names, it should be for 60 or 90 days. Then when the program is well established, they draw names for one year. Prayer enhances ones spiritual memories. Prayer works wonders in the heart of those who pray. Pray for Pedro! It works! An example: After a minister preached on intercessory prayer a young girl wrote a letter and said, Prayer is just like jam, you can't spread not even a little without getting some on yourself. Even the children can understand the value of praying for others. Request full data from

Tak-Hom-a-Kid Program

In a mobile society many families are separated. Grandparents and grandchildren have been pulled apart by move after move. When children live away from their elderly grandparents there is a vacuum in their lives. This program is designed to fill that need for loving grandparents and growing children. This is how it works! Able bodied elderly in the community are vetted with background checks and recruited to serve as surrogate grandparents to needy children. As creative ways are developed to become a part of the child's life, the benefit of surrogate grandparents becomes self-evident. All activities are to be convenient and agreeable with the child's parents. The surrogate grandparents may take the child for lunch or a brief outing before returning them home. In this way, they build rapport and the needs of both are fulfilled. The surrogate grandparents will make timely reports of all activities and progress to the leaders of the program. Community activities are organized for all to come together with parents and guardians to establish the value added to the child. Request full data from

Community Acts of Kindness Everyday

People are sick of words; they want deeds. The current attitude is 'Show Me You Care!' OPERATION: C.A.K.E. will provide a community-based group an opportunity to demonstrate a real concern for the families in their community. People in the community can make the cakes for delivery to the homes. Who could turn down a homemade cake provided by a friendly person? The person delivering the cake could observe other needs of the children and the family and bring that need to the attention of individuals willing and able to assist. With the cake could be announcements of children, youth, and family-related community activities in an effort to seek more participation in community events. The children will love it and the parents will appreciate the gesture.

Community Acts of Kindness Everyday will demonstrate OPEN HANDS, this should OPEN HOMES, and the results should be OPEN HEARTS. It may start with homemade cakes, but many other acts of kindness may be generated after the doors are open. In addition to the formal project of CAKES delivered each week, those involved should be encouraged to seek to find ways to demonstrate acts of kindness every day. What about helping to repair a screen door or a leaky roof? Perhaps the teens could pick a family who couldn't mow the grass for some reason: sickness, working late, no lawnmower, etc. and help them out. What about showing kindness in a home where there is sickness or during the death of a family member? What about offering a 'Mothers Day Out' or invite the father to a fishing trip with the men of the community? Good citizens can come up with many other good acts of kindness.

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Order of Mephibosheth

There is an exquisite tenderness about the story recorded of King David's search for lost loved ones or dislocated friends. The inquiry resulted in the finding of Mephibosheth, whose lameness was tragic and pathetic, in that it had been caused by the flight of his nurse on the awful day when his father and grandfather had fallen together in battle. The ORDER OF MEPHIBOSHETH is an honor awarded to individuals who with a kind heart search out and serve individuals with special needs expecting nothing in return. Request full data from

Widow Watch and Women Alone Project

Community Concern for Widows and Women Alone

Widows and women alone in the community are enrolled in a Community Concern Project. Each would be assigned a contact/partner, given assistance and emergency phone numbers and invited to covered-dish fellowship meals regularly scheduled in the community. A kind of "neighborhood watch"" would be established to provide comfort and safety for those living alone. At one such gathering, an elderly widow was asked, "What is the hardest part of being a widow?" Her answer was simply, "The first fifty years!" Request full data from

APT Accelerated Performance Tutorials

It has been affirmed that adult interest in a child's education is the best predictor for academic achievement. Schools are overcrowded and parents are often not prepared or are unable to tutor their children adequately. A.P.T. is an academic tutoring project to assist students who are falling behind in school. A parent or guardian must accompany a child for the tutoring session. In this way the adult will gain confidence in how to assist the child and the student will feel better about family interest in their education. The effort is to eliminate the old attitude 'if you can't keep up; you can't catch up!' The project will recruit adults with sufficient education and inclination to tutor in various academic areas. Local schools will be asked to write a prescription as to the assistance each child needs. The goal is not only to assist the child, but to equip adults in the home to demonstrate interest in the child's academic achievements. Request full data from


A structured program to assist families with:
Relationship Problems
Career Guidance
Workplace Difficulties
Educational Guidance
Debt and Credit Issues
Diet and Weight Control
Moral and Citizenship Issues
Reading Recommendations
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And Baby Makes Three

This program includes pre-parenthood guidance and prenatal counseling to assist a couple with their first child. Prior to conception or as soon after an awareness of pregnancy, a couple should seek prenatal advice and counsel relative to the bringing up of a child. This program is to ensure regular medical and nursing care for women during pregnancy and to assure the father has a significant role during pregnancy, at delivery, and during the early bonding with the child. The primary emphasis is what to expect during pregnancy and throughout the parenting process. Another area of concern is how the first child influences the couple's relationship. Those who complete this program will be given a certification card that recognizes that they have completed 'Parenting Training'. Request full data from

Alliance For Evangelism

Alliance For Evangelism

A workable alliance for local evangelism and renewal. This project provides a way for the pastor to mobilize fifty (50) people into Action Groups to work toward renewal and growth. This plan becomes an alliance for evangelism outreach and a way to re-enlist the negligent. Seven (7) groups of (7) work with the pastor in bring up ideas from the people in a spiritual use of 'brainstorming' effort to provide new ways and means of advancing the local congregation. Request full data from

Sounding Board Action Group

Most Pastors could benefit from a 'sounding board' structure that provides distinctness and clarity to the pulpit message. Select a broad based Sounding Board Action Group (5 to 11 members depending on the congregation size) to listen to the Sunday AM message and meet with the Pastor for a brief discussion over coffee or tea. They should be asked to identify the essential elements of the message and what they actually understood and learned. This will assist the communication of spiritual concepts, because if this group did not clearly understand the essential parts, the rest of the congregation missed the message. Request full data from

YES Program

Guidance is provided in ways and means to assist families with present and future financial needs; including, family budget, home purchase, transportation needs, college planning, and retirement issues. The objective is sustainable development of all projects. . Request full data from


Remembering the hard times when communities were urged to plant vegetable gardens to supplement their food supply. The young and the poor have forgotten what their grandparents and parents knew about gardening. This project is to teach the young and the poor the value of growing fresh vegetables. Guidance is provided on how to grow various table vegetables. This knowledge may assist the poor and the unemployed through hard times; also, learning the lost art of growing a garden may become a life-saver in the future. . Request full data from