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Dance with the Trinity: Pursuing God in Spirit and Truth

by Dr. Rye Bell

Knowing God is simple yet profound. Refusing to sidestep difficult issues, the author guides through scriptural direction and insightful narrative to find that place of intimacy he calls "The Dance". A motivator and a study guide, this book on relationships with God and fellow human beings will open the reader's mind to the reality of dancing with the Trinity.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-06-1

Book Reviews

Dance with the Trinity (Pursuing God in Spirit and Truth) hould be required reading for those who desire an intimate, meaningful relationship with God. Biblically written, the book inspires God's people with a sovereign Partner to mature spiritually and to live gracefully above the circumstances of life for His glory.
- Attorney David C. Gibbs III, Christian Law Association
Seminole, FL

For the individual who sincerely desires an enhanced relationship with God, this book will be your friend.
- Dr. Gary Chapman, Author of The Five Love Languages
Winston-Salem, NC

If there is an area that should be emphasized within Christendom today, it deals with the answers to these two questions: How do I come to know God intimately and why should I seek this intimacy? Refusing to sidestep difficult issues, Dr. Bell guides us through scriptural direction and insightful narrative to go further to find our place of intimacy with God.
- Sam Darden, Director/Campus Minister University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN.

Dance with the Trinity is a pearl in the field. This book is a true find among the many. Dr. Bell brings the idea of knowing God intimately to the reader with a style that is easy to understand without compromising the truth of the scriptures. All Christ followers can benefit from the encouragement and insight found in this book. A must read for anyone that desires to Dance with the Trinity!
- Bill Phillips, Pastor and Professor
Venice, Florida

Dance with the Trinity is a modern day testament inspired by the Spirit of the Lord. It is a must read. The book gives practical evidence of fulfillment to the one that "hungers and thirst after righteousness". Dance with the Trinity will serve as a relevant resource for believers desiring to launch into a deeper relationship with Christ.
- Fred Houser Associate Pastor, Word of Faith Christian Center
Nashville TN.