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Rye Bell

Rye Bell has been working in the field of Biblical Guidance for more than 30 years serving on the staff of both small and large congregations. He has taught advanced counseling courses at the college level and has successfully managed the program and fiscal operations of several private ministry organizations, and departments of major health care corporations.

Working closely with church congregations his specialty is Biblically based support for church congregations and their staff. This support is offered through one-on-one contacts with individuals and families, training interested believers to become mentors within the congregation, setting up the design and operations of "one-another-type" ministries to lead in the Biblical idea of shepherding the flock of believers. Other ways Dr. Bell works within the Christian community is through: Church Leadership training, seminars and spiritual retreats.

Rye has served as the President and/or Administrative Director of four in-patient psychiatric hospitals, as well as VP of medical/surgical hospitals. Under his leadership one of his facilities was named top 100 hospitals in the country with the psychiatric service line also being given that top honor.

As an ordained Pastor, Rye received his Doctor of Philosophy (Religion and Society) from Oxford Graduate School; Masters of Science (Social Work) from the University of Tennessee; and a Bachelor of Science (Education) from the University of Tennessee. He is also a member of the Oxford Society of Scholars and was a Charter member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Rye lives in central Florida with his wife Becky and three of his five children. The two oldest children are married with growing families of their own. He counsels daily with individuals and families. He also travels conducting Biblically based conferences and workshops on a variety of topics. He has spoken throughout the United States and many foreign countries. Rye is a gifted counselor and conference speaker.

To connect with Rye Bell please visit his website www.DanceWithTheTrinity.com

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Dance with the Trinity: Pursuing God in Spirit and Truth
Dance With The Trinity
by Dr. Rye Bell

Knowing God is simple yet profound. Refusing to sidestep difficult issues, the author guides through scriptural direction and insightful narrative to find that place of intimacy he calls "The Dance". A motivator and a study guide, this book on relationships with God and fellow human beings will open the reader's mind to the reality of dancing with the Trinity.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-06-1

$19.95 (Print)

$2.99 (Digital)

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