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Roy C. Price, DMin, DPhil

Roy C. Price, DMin, DPhil, is a graduate of Westmont College in English Literature, Luther Rice Seminary (ThM, DMin), and Oxford Graduate School, USA. (DPhil in the sociological integration of religion and society.) He presently serves as Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology and Polity at the A. W. Tozer Theological Seminary, Redding, CA.

Dr. Price served various pastorates in rural, suburban, urban, and international congregations. He served in several regional elected positions of his denomination and two terms on the Board of Directors of the national organization of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and also served on the Board of Regents of Oxford Graduate School, USA. Significant articles have appeared in Leadership magazine, Christianity Today, and the Alliance Life magazine. Roy and his wife live in northern California near their grandchildren.

Do I have to be GOOD to go to HEAVEN?
Do I have to be GOOD to go to HEAVEN?
by Dr. Roy C. Price

Roy Price’s new book, Do I have to be GOOD to go to Heaven? is a wonderful 43 chapter homiletical walk through the book of Romans. Dr. Price accurately addresses the text and then provides commentary to help the student of the Bible think through how to communicate it. Following each chapter there are questions for reflection and discussion making it an excellent small group study resource.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-96-2


$9.99 (Digital)

Have You Lost Your Mind? Honoring God with your Thoughts and Decisions
God and the Sexual Metaphor
by Dr. Roy C. Price

This book puts forth a compelling argument against sex as a sport and for sexual activity within the boundary of marriage. The author states that God designed sex, not individuals or society, and that human sexual expression in the context of marriage is good in the sight of God. Dr. Price's purpose is to define the sexual metaphor used by God to describe His relationship with His people, and thereby understanding the boundaries established in Scripture for sensual expression. Using sacred writings as a guide to human behavior, and affirming a relationship with Jesus Christ, he discusses the benefits of following moral guidelines and the impartial consequences for contrary behavior. Parents, pastors, youth and youth workers can benefit from the study of this work, as well as anyone looking to shine a light on their own pathway.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-77-1


$4.99 (Digital)
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