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The Wrong Skirt

by Rod Davis

What can we do to cut through all the religious rhetoric and offer true direction to those around us? A memory from childhood remains vivid in this writer's mind: "?Tagging along behind my mother through a Chicago store, I clung tightly to the hem of her red skirt. Releasing it to get a closer look at all the toys, we became separated. Frantically searching for her, I grabbed a red skirt and held on with a death grip following her all over the crowded store. Finally, looking up at the person towering over me, I found myself staring into the face of a total stranger who was also wearing a red skirt!"

This book takes a look at wrong choices and the confusion plaguing Christians in the modern church, and offers suggestions on how to make right choices.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-55-9


$2.99 (Digital)

Book Reviews

Reading The Wrong Skirt was fun, insightful, and right on target. Rod has captured the essence of today's search for meaningful faith and hope for the future. As a pastor for over 30 years I saw first hand the struggles that people went through and the foolish choices they make in their search for truth. Rod Davis has clearly described this struggle and given a beautiful plan for choosing the right path for one's life. I hope that many will read and apply this book to their lives.
- Terry Davis, Retired Senior Pastor
Ocean City Baptist Church
Ocean City, Maryland ?

In The Wrong Skirt, Rod Davis challenges the reader to examine their own heart and motives in serving God. Many of the religious 'sacred cows?, religious ideas and practices are placed on God's alter. In our world of inclusiveness and spiritual plurality it is not enough to know what you believe; you must also know why you believe. Rod will challenge you to build upon a solid foundation.
- Dr. Jimmy DuPree, Director of Student Services
Pentecostal Theological Seminary
Cleveland, Tennessee