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Rod Davis

Rod Davis

Rod Davis is a third generation preacher who has walked with the Lord since 1959. In 1975 he answered the call to the pulpit ministry and ever since has had the honor of being a worship leader, a pastor, a chaplain, and a televangelist. Rod has shared the Gospel in jails, auditoriums, churches, at music festivals and served as a missionary to the homeless.

For over 35 years Rod worked as a radio broadcaster, DJ, Operations Manager and Production Manager who wrote and produced commercials. During that time he was privileged to serve at 5 different Christian radio stations. His most recent position he served as the chaplain for J103 Radio (CCM) in Chattanooga, Tennessee at www.j103.com.

Rod is the head of SoaringWings Ministries, which includes a website, an Internet radio Station called SoaringWings Radio, an online teaching ministry on YouTube and a blog called The Mad Preacher. All of which can be accessed through www.soaringwings.us.

Rod is a sold out follower of Jesus; His best friend, savior and Lord. At one time, he was bound in old sale religion, seeping in denominational worship and religious pride. However, a dramatic encounter with the Holy Spirit and a divine healing of a life treating illness started Rod on a journey that introduced him to a freedom and power in Christ that he never experienced before. At the present, Rod uses his experiences and knowledge of God's Word to help others to become free as well.

Rod and his lovely wife, Beth have 5 children and three grandsons.

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The Wrong Skirt: The Quest to Avoid Bad Choices
The Wrong Skirt: The Quest to Avoid Bad Choices
by Rod Davis

What can we do to cut through all the religious rhetoric and offer true direction to those around us? A memory from childhood remains vivid in this writer's mind: "Tagging along behind my mother through a Chicago store, I clung tightly to the hem of her red skirt. Releasing it to get a closer look at all the toys, we became separated. Frantically searching for her, I grabbed a red skirt and held on with a death grip following her all over the crowded store. Finally, looking up at the person towering over me, I found myself staring into the face of a total stranger who was also wearing a red skirt!"

This book takes a look at wrong choices and the confusion plaguing Christians in the modern church, and offers suggestions on how to make right choices.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-55-9

$19.95 (Paperback)

$2.99 (Digital)

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