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Fighting the Amalekites*
Second Edition

by Hollis L. Green

It is time to behave what we believe to preserve the useful function of Christianity in society and its ongoing influence. "One must lay aside every weight and sin that so easily overwhelms".

Believers must submit to a spirit baptism of fire to engage in spiritual warfare. Organized religion will never prevail over the basic evil that plagues the world. Spiritual warfare is normally an offensive waged by individual believers. It is guerrilla warfare behind the lines with individuals fighting as lone snipers zeroing in on their current evil practices that become besetting sins. These personal battles are not limited to the young, the struggle is a life-style offensive.

Where organized groups choose not to function, personal action is required to make a real difference and break down the barriers to spiritual progress. There are no surrogate warriors, each individual must fight their own personal battles in order to grow in grace and spiritual knowledge. Surely, there are processes and practices that groups may perform that can assist individuals to combat evil forces; however, each person must fight their own spiritual battles.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-30-6


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