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Tear Down These Walls:
Beyond Freeze Frame Thinking and Name Brand Religion

by Hollis L. Green

One religion will never bring world peace or feed the children or care for the sick and dying. One group cannot eliminate poverty, violence, drugs, human trafficking or complete global spiritual change. A priority agenda must be to make people moral citizens of the world before they can become mystical citizens of heaven.

Synergetic cooperation is not to suggest a least common denominator religion or that Judaism, Islam or Christianity should lose their culture or compromise their sacred reality. Culture and tradition are social glue that holds religions together. Yet, compromise (a "together-promise" agreement) is a necessary part of a common agenda for progress.

Where organized groups choose not to function, personal action can make a difference and break down some of the barriers to an action agenda that could strengthen the monotheistic message. Remember, the goal for a global outreach is not domination or control, but emancipation from poverty and violence, and liberty to choose a personal and eternal destiny at the hands of Providence. For this to happen, the walls to personal faith and action must be removed.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-18-4