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Living with a Dead Battery
Depression: A Primer for Family and Professionals

by Donald B. Smith

This book is one I can recommend without any reservation as an ‘on-the-desk’ compendium for every psychotherapist, counsellor, psychologist and psychiatrist, especially those who are students or entering the field. Here they will find a source of information that is immediately available, accurate, useful and invaluable. Even those who have experience in the field will find the succinct review of the neuro-chemical agents valuable. The author has done us a service by his intense review of the current literature and the indications for the use of medications and other methods of intervention currently available. One of the most useful volumes for the practicing therapist that I have seen for a long time!

— E. Basil Jackson, MD, ThD, PhD, JD Psychiatry & Neurology

ISBN: 978-1-935434-93-1


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