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Zuhdi Sardar

Zuhdi Sardar was born and raised in Sulaymanah, Kurdistan of Iraq. After graduating from high school he studied at the Fine Art Institute in Baghdad, Iraq. Sardar then took a job teaching art in a local high school. With help from the local art cultural arts center, Sardar came to America in 1964. After two years of living in the States, he was awarded a grant to study at the Academy of Art in Paris. Upon completing his studies in Paris, Sardar returned to the United States and took a job with a local production company. He currently resides in California, where he works for NBC as a scenic artist.

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Between Iraq & Hard Places
Between Iraq & Hard Places
by Zuhdi Sardar

Fashioned from the pages of recent history and his own persecutions during the reign of Saddam Hussein, Kurdish artist Zuhdi Sardar paints a canvas of words that - in light of the middle east's recent "Arab Spring" - is both a metaphor of our times and mirror to us all.

It is a journey of decision, between one man's rule and the rule of law. It is an expedition of discovery, between weakness and wisdom. It is a flight for freedom, between life and death. It is the journey of every persecuted soul stuck...

ISBN: 978-0-935434-53-5


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