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Mary June Flaiz Wilkinson

Mary June Flaiz Wilkinsoon

Mary June Flaiz Wilkinson was born and spent her early years in British East India, living there while the Rajahs, wild animals, and the British still ruled the land.

In those days, only the Rajahs were allowed to own guns. So, from time to time, tigers and leopards would invade the villagers? livestock. And, on occasion, would even kill an innocent villager. It was during such experiences that Mary June's father, Ted Flaiz, the founder of a local school and hospital, would be called upon to save a village from these big cats. Reluctantly, (for he loved the wild life of India), he would kill these beautiful animals. But then, he would do whatever was necessary to protect his neighbors, his young family, and the success of his heavenly mission.

Throughout the following pages Mary June chronicles these days, when the love of family, the laughter of friends, and the lessons of life all wove together into a tapestry of memories, which began in the place she fondly calls, The Land My Childhood Knew.

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The Land My Childhood Knew
The Land My Childhood Knew
by Mary June Flaiz Wilkinson

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