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Bill and Kay Christian

Bill and Kay Christian were high school sweethearts and will celebrate 40 years of marriage this year. They have three children: Amber, Adena Dee, and Dylan, as well as several grandchildren.

Bill and Kay were the founders of Hope Bible Camp, a ministry to handicapped children in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Kay is a former deaf education interpreter working in all levels of education. She started her career in middle school, then moved to elementary and finished up her career interpreting at East Tennessee State University and Northeast State University. Kay's primary ministry focus is speaking to women's groups and churches throughout the region conveying the lessons of hope and perseverance that she learned while walking with Jesus.

Bill, a former evangelist, has been the Sr. Pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Bluff City, Tennessee for the past 21 years. The mission statement of the church Bill and Kay serve sums up the focus of their ministry:

Love God, love others, and live to serve.

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Walking With Miss Kay
Walking With Miss Kay
by Bill and Kay Christian

This book is about a journey of faith, about a believer in God ? one who dared to believe and trust - a story that will challenge your perspective about how to view personal struggles. The reader will witness a life that has lived in the reality of difficulty only to realize that God is for us and in us, doing a work that is truly a Divine masterpiece. Although the focus of this book is on God in the center of a life lived, the author relates practical insights gained from early childhood health issues, through a lifetime of physical difficulties, to how to deal with personal loss, such as the death of a child. Scripture is clear that the human condition includes ?a few days and full of trouble? - every individual faces hardship and the bitter testing of a personal nature from the pangs of birth to the anguish of death. Added to these physical realities are the struggles of faith. It's not about how we feel about the struggle; it is about what God is doing in us through each step of the way.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-68-9


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