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Vincent G. De Young

Vincent G. De Young is a retired attorney and USAF veteran. He attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, holds a JD from the University of Texas and an MBA from the University of Memphis. He and his wife Carol have six grown children and nine grandchildren.

Vince also is the author of “No Brighter Dawn about Paul Revere and the Battle of Lexington” (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble). “Roots and Wings of Faith” is his second book, and in the works is “Immigrants and Hayfields”, an autobiographical story of his immigrant family in Prospect Park (NJ).

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Roots and Wings of Faith
by Vincent G. De Young

“Roots and Wings of Faith” recounts incredible and shocking historic events during the Protestant Reformation, including the greatest persecution of Christians since the Roman era. The goal of the book is to present a renewed inspiration and understanding of these events that shook the world. The author explains that, out of the Reformation roots of struggle and distress, grew the that the supreme blessing of Forgiveness is freely offered to everyone through simple and sincere faith. The author writes: “It is for us of course, as the successors to those who suffered and died for the Gospel, to live up to the principles of the Protestant Faith – always trusting in the Bible as God’s Word, following the great creeds and confessions, and never forgetting to stand for freedom, peaceful beliefs, worship and forgiveness.”

ISBN: 978-1-950839-01-8


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