Global Distribution with GEA-Books

GEA Books is connected to the largest book distribution system in the world. This makes GEA Books available to 30,000 booksellers and electronic distribution channels in 100 countries. Distributors such as Ingram,, Baker & Taylor, and Barnes & Noble are just a few of the companies GEA Books works with to help share your book worldwide.

GEA Books uses the global leader in Books on Demand print services. All Books published with us can be printed in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Milton Keynes, England. When a book is ordered it is printed at the site closest to the customer to limit shipping costs. Books are marketed worldwide through many different sources. We are a customer-focused organization that produces books in any quantity and can be shipped all over the world. GEA Books has both courier and postal delivery services available to all customers.

Printing and distribution of books are combined into one process. GEA Books is your door to the world's largest distribution channel of wholesalers, retailers and Internet customers. Should three orders arrive simultaneously one from Tampa, Florida, another from Quebec, Canada, and another from Frankfort, Germany: the Florida order would be printed in Tennessee; the Canadian order printed in Pennsylvania; the Germany order would be printed in England. This process can be repeated many times daily when people know about your book.

When the ISBN # is assigned to your book, it is then listed in Books in Print with Bowker. When the Library of Congress Control Number is assigned, the book data is entered into several catalogs operated by the LOC including the Global Online Catalogs.

After your book is published, it goes into the following Catalogs: Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Baker and Taylor and Bowker. and many other websites will offer your book for sale as well.

An author's best profit comes from personally sold books or from Global's site. At Global's online Bookstore, the author has a personal Author Page and the author receives $1.00 more royalty and books sold from the Author Page than any at any other point of sale (except personal sales). Global also pays shipping and handling in the US and Canada.

Authors also have the option of an 'online bookstore' connected to their Author Page and they receive one dollar for the sale of any book in the Global online bookstore.

Contact us today to find out how you can get your book published through our global distribution.