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Preacher Study Bundle: $55

Just Came By To Tell You...
Absolutely Sixteen Feet
God's Work Done God's Way
The EVERGREEN Devotional New Testament

I Just Came By To Tell You
"Just Came By To Tell You..."
The Collected Works of G.W. Lane
Vol 1

He was always ready to ?come by and tell you? what he had discovered. And the words he used painted pictures still visible in the imagination of today. Though 30 years have passed? His legacy remains. And his words live on!

ISBN: 978-1-935434-55-9

Absolutely Sixteen Feet
Absolutely Sixteen Feet:
Deviation From the Divine Game Plan Will Produce Disaster

by Philemon Roberts

These twelve sermons by Philemon Roberts are part of Clergy Collections, preserving the best of the past for the next generation. The title is taken from a sign the author observed on a highway overpass. Big trucks had apparently hit the bridge numerous times and an exasperated road department official installed this eye-catching sign: ?Absolutely Sixteen Feet.? In this day of situation ethics, moral permissiveness, conditional promises, and the like, absolutes are considered pass?. The author asserts that when humanity doesn?t play by the rules, disaster can ensue.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-19-1

God?s Work Done God?s Way: You Don?t Have to Make Headlines to Make a Difference
God?s Work Done God?s Way:
You Don?t Have to Make Headlines to Make a Difference

by Subesh Ramjattan

Some see Jesus as a "vending machine." But the author shows not only the blessings Jesus offers believers; but the obligations believers have toward Jesus to live a life with purpose and significance; a life that is large for God. This book presents a lifestyle that cares for the disadvantaged and meets the challenge to make disciples.

God did not save us to be comfortable; He did so that we might comfort others. Quality thoughts and values come from a better quality of believing and behaving. It is not what we gather, but what we scatter that tells the quality of life we live.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-60-3

Discipleship: A Vital Aspect of Christian Living
Discipleship: A Vital Aspect of Christian Living
by Hollis L. Green

Discipleship is based on discipline. Discipline is a system of rules affecting conduct or action and implies instruction and correction that improves, strengthens, molds, and perfects character. No summary does justice to the wealth of meaning in the teaching of Jesus; however, the simple truths were a basic message to mankind; love God, follow Christ, and enjoy His blessings!

ISBN: 978-0-9796019-5-8

The Evergreen Devotional: Complete New Testament
The Evergreen Devotional: Complete New Testament
by Hollis L. Green

The New Testament is designed to guide our relationship with God and behavior toward others. This completed edition is the result of 42 years of labor translating NT Greek into a common devotional language. It is a candid rendering in chronologic order by books, in 5 sections. This text is true to the original language, but easy to read and understand.

Scripture means exactly what the first person who heard it understood it to mean; not what culture, tradition, or translators interpret the words to mean.

Getting a sense of the original intent provides an improved devotional understanding of the inspired text and will enable believers to remain Evergreen with daily renewal.

ISBN: 978-1-935434-26-9